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I have several upcoming publications on topics including motorcycle-taxis in East Africa and reducing matatu emissions.

1 / Peer-Reviewed Publications

Emilie Martin, Thomas Courtright, Alphonse Nkurunziza, Oliver Lah, 2023. Motorcycle taxis in transition? Review of digitalization and electrification trends in selected East African capital cities. Case Studies on Transport Policy. 

Vanatta, Max; Rathod, Bhavesh; Calzavara, Jacob; Courtright, Tom; Sims, Teanna; Saint-Sernin, Etienne; Clack, Herek; Jagger, Pamela; Craig, Michael, 2022. Emissions impacts of electrifying motorcycle taxis in Kampala, Uganda. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment.

2 / Reports

Global Emerging Market Overview for Electric Two and Three wheelers​, January 2024. Lead author. United Nations Environment Programme.

Barriers to E-Mobility in Tanzania, March 2023. Africa E-Mobility Alliance. 

Charging Ahead: Accelerating E-Mobility in Africa, March 2023. Powering Renewable Energy Opportunities.

The Wheels of Change: Safe and Sustainable Motorcycles in Sub-Saharan Africa, November 2022. FIA Foundation / Amend.

Distribution of Safe Helmets In Greater Kampala – Uganda, August 2022. Safe Way Right Way / ROSACU.

3 / Journalism

"The motorcycle ride-hailing business is a rough ride," in The Continent, September 2023.

"Uganda's boda bodas: Half a century of getting to places, madly," in African Arguments, August 2023.

"Uganda's SafeBoda wants to be a super app, but some riders are abandoning it," in Rest of World, with Blanshe Musinguzi, March 2022.

"Uganda's boda bodas: loved, hated, maligned, misunderstood," in African Arguments, February 2022.

"How Gender Impacts Transportation and Accessibility in Fort Portal, Uganda," in The City Fix, with Emmerentian
Mbabazi and Anna Oursler, February 2022.

"Reorganizing Informal Transport in Uganda: Achieving a Multimodality that Works for All," in The City Fix, with
Emmerentian Mbabazi, Anna Oursler, and Thet Hein Tun, October 2021.

"A plagued history of Kampala," in Africa is a Country, July 2020.

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